Thursday, July 23, 2015

Athletes don't eat enough fish...

Last night 45 great humans gathered at the Ironton Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the GRID match between the San Francisco Fire and the Phoenix Rise on NBC Sports. It was fun to watch Ger Sasser, #36, watch the match, and to eat so many wings! #grid #firedup

I've got 2 more Tuesday night Family dinners to plan and prep before his second season with the Fire.  We'd had Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops last week and I was texting with Ger to see if he had any requests. His answer was "don't eat enough fishes" so I suggested crab legs or a big slab of salmon. Use the search box here if you want to see all the salmon recipes at once. And, check out this easy way to prepare crab legs at home because we are all athletes and we don't eat enough fish.  Lemongrass Crab Legs