Sunday, August 30, 2015

Banana Pecan Breakfast Bars are grain-free Paleo deliciousness.

I am sitting here at the Treehouse in Sunol and I finally have time to blog this recipe. It's so beautiful here. I'm in the Redwood cabin section of the house, all cozy, and the views out all the windows are relaxing and green. The weather is perfect. If you even get a chance to be out this way, this place is a great rental. Richard seems to have thought of everything you could possibly need for a perfect stay.

 AND the San Francisco Fire won their match yesterday against the LA Reign. We love watching our team live and yesterday was no exception! The Fire brought the win with finesse and strength and the crowd was #FiredUp!

What else is great? Ger and Cassie will be texting soon about when they can get together with me, Isaac, and Jack. Who knows what we'll do today? We've ridden the bart to a Giants game, eaten sushi,  eaten a fabulous breakfast at Denica's (video on Instagram @feedinggersasser), checked out the Firehaus,  and had a sleepover.

Anyway, enjoy your family. Make these bars. Have an adventure.  Find the recipe HERE.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Have you checked out JouleFuel yet?

This is from the feedinggersasser Instagram account yesterday:

JouleFuel reached out to me and Ger and Cassie and we checked them out and found them to be a very clean product. Then they graciously sent us some JouleFuel to try out. The insert says  "A nutritional drink derived from whole food sources infused with vitamins and minerals intended to give the body what it needs to sustain energy." 

This stuff comes in handy. Click here for some of my Smoothie recipes using JouleFuel. Read more here

Saturday, August 15, 2015

This Paleo Chunky Summer Slaw is cold and crunchy

Do you get too busy with all the things you need to do that you let meal prep and healthy meal choices fall by the wayside? Then, do you notice that your energy levels or your patience are dropping off? 

 I'm a teacher. This time of year is when my school district has been in session a couple of weeks and I am already feeling the stress of the "list" getting longer and longer. I didn't eat great this week. I certainly didn't get to Crossfit Countdown enough. It's Saturday and I'm about to go back to ONE of my classrooms and work.

I'm also going to prep better for the upcoming week and stop beating myself up about it all. This Chunky Summer Slaw is one of the easy things I can do this weekend.  You should try it.   Find the recipe here

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Does Roasted Sriracha Lime Zucchini sound good?

Last night was our first Tuesday night Family Dinner with Ger gone. (He's in his second season with the San Francisco Fire and is training hard with his incredible team.)  We had Roasted Lemon Shrimp with Sweet Potatoes and a zucchini/quinoa/cabbage/bonebroth skillet recipe that I haven't posted yet. I did notice that I didn't have the roasted zucchini recipe with sriracha lime sea salt SO I putting that one up now. is where I get all my favorite sea salt and this one has been added to our favorites list. Salt Traders does not sponsor me - I just love the deep and wonderful flavors their smoked sea salt brings to great food.

I hope you try this Sriracha Lime Zucchini dish. Roasting only takes a few minutes. Here's the recipe:

Read more

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Updated Paleo Bison Vegetable Soup is serious fuel

I love to have soup made. It's good for days. It's nutritious and filling, and  you have one-bowl clean-up for each person eating. It lends itself well to meal prep and you can tweak it so many different ways. This soup has bone broth, ground bison, and many vegetables that pack a powerful antioxidant punch, like cabbage and onion. 

This organic cabbage was much bigger than my head!

So, check out the recipe for Paleo Bison Vegetable Soup and live a big, healthy, happy life!

                                                           Read more 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

We all need high-protein soups like Andouille Sausage Gumbo

Making soup is a wonderfully easy way to provide meals that increase nutrition and strength but you have to make sure you get lots of protein sources along with all those vegetables. When you feed athletes (and hey, we're all athletes, right?) you need lots of protein.
If you go for a vegetable based soup, you'll need to have meat on the side but high-protein soups are awesome one-dish meals that help us all keep up with our busy lives.
This delicious Andouille Sausage makes a great protein source for this soup. Check out the recipe:         Read more 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

You are going to love this slow steamed Lemon Basil Salmon

The star of the dinner was Paleo Lemon Basil Steamed Salmon. Check out the recipe here: READ MORE 
It paired well with Buttered Sweet Potatoes with Molasses,  Paleo Broccoli Salad, and Hemp Seed Crusted Avocado.
After all of that, we didn't need dessert. We didn't even cut the watermelon. We talked about our health and wellness. laughed a lot, and played a card game.
What side dishes do you like to have with salmon? If there are leftovers, this salmon looks great in the middle of a salad, so go big when you pick out a slab of salmon and you will have two dinners ready and only one easy cooking session. If you have any food plan or prep questions, go to the ABOUT and look me up on social media or leave a question in the comments on the recipes here.