Monday, January 8, 2018

Meals and Snacks: A Complete Guide to Eating Healthy

Meals and Snacks: A Complete Guide to Eating Healthy
Whether you've been pursuing a cleaner lifestyle for years or you're newly interested in eating a healthier diet, keeping things interesting can become challenging. Eating salads everyday can be both tedious and lacking in a wide range of vitamins and nutrients. Fortunately, there are many more options available today from commercially prepared foods to natural snacks.

The Basics of Eating Healthy
While going vegan isn't required, cutting way down on red meats and processed foods is the biggest challenge to eating right. Instead, focus more on eating more legumes (beans, lentils, and peas), fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, but don't rely on the same foods repetitively. This can cause you to expose your body to high doses of pesticides and other toxins found more often in certain types of foods. Eating a variety of foods limits that risk of exposure, while also providing your body with a broader base of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Portion control is still important, even when you do steer clear of red meats and processed foods. This is especially problematic due to the increased per portion sizes in recent years. To better control this when dining out, order an appetizer instead of a full meal, or split a large meal with a friend. If you do include a cheat day in your week and opt for fast food, avoid the "supersized" portions.

At home, a 2,000 calorie diet is recommended, which consists of two cups of fruit per day and a daily intake of two and a half cups of vegetables. A good rule of thumb for choosing your produce is to include all of the colors of the rainbow. A selection of red, orange, green, yellow, blue, and purple fruits and vegetables will provide the greatest range of benefits. The variety will help strengthen your immune system, giving you greater protection against different types of cancer and other diseases.

Getting it All in One Place with Prepackaged Meals
If you want to eat healthy, but lack the skills or the interest to prepare gourmet meals, don't get discouraged. There are plenty of companies offering prepackaged meals that you can either buy in-store or order online to be delivered directly to your door. One such option is Nutrisystem for men.  Nutrisystem for Men   While they still offer the diet shakes and protein bars, they have expanded in recent years to offer fully prepared healthy meals. The goal with their meals is to keep your glycemic index low, motivated by the premise that a low blood sugar level promotes better weight management. 

The system comes with meals and snacks that require minimal heating time, before they're ready to eat. Expect to receive about 60% "good" carbs and up to 25% of the food offering necessary fats and proteins. Meals can be supplemented with additional fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

There are several other plans that also operate on the concept of providing base meals that contain good carbs and fats. South Beach Diet is one such company, but they start new clients out on meals with extremely low carbs. After two weeks, the client's carb intake is gradually increased to a normalized level.
eDiets may provide the greatest variety, offering more than 20 different plans. Included in that assortment of choices are plans especially catered to diabetics and vegetarians. The company also provides online tools via their website that helps clients set and manage their goals, which is particularly useful to those who may be trying to lose weight in addition to eating healthier meals.

There are a number of other companies offering similar meal plans. You may want to shop around to find out which ones offer the greatest variety at the most economical prices. Rotating between companies may also be beneficial by providing even greater variety than any one company can ever provide.

Healthy Snack Foods to Enjoy
You may opt for snacking regularly, instead of eating larger meals, or maybe you need a pick-me-up snack between meals. In either case, there's a wide range of healthy choices here as well. For instance, you can satisfy a sweet tooth and help lower your blood pressure with a serving of dark chocolate. Additionally, the flavonoids in cocoa are antioxidants that work to reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL), while also boosting good cholesterol (HDL) in the body.

Chia chips can be another option, taking the place of unhealthy corn chips. Wheat and bulgur flour is mixed with chia, sesame seeds, and flax.

Olives can also be a great snack and, for more variety, look for mixed olives at your local health food store. They can also be stuffed with garlic, jalapeño peppers, or cheese for added zest.

Dried mango is another suggestion for satisfying your sweet tooth, while also offering a chewier texture. This dried fruit is perfect for giving your energy a boost, so try them for an afternoon snack.

There are many more alternatives for healthy snacks. Sticking with fruits, vegetables, and nuts will satisfy any craving, while keeping your healthy diet on track. Eating a better diet isn't always easy, but it can be fun and satisfying, when you maintain a balance between variety and nutrition. Keep an eye out for more options and you'll never get bored by living a healthier life. 

                                                                 You are what you eat!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Gluten Free Cheddar Cornbread

You all know I'm putting most of my new recipes on but whenever I use one of my recipes from the 500+ recipes on here, I kept seeing the photo of the eggs. Got tired of seeing that, so I just needed a change! (also, big day at school today and woke up earlier than the alarm clock's 5:30am)
At a recent Family Night Dinner, (I love to cook for 7 on Tuesday nights!) I made this cornbread and wanted to share because it's so easy and delicious and when I talked to some friends about it, they'd never done this.

To make the easiest gluten free cheddar cornbread, buy a good mix, then LAYER IT UP.
I don't make cornbread very often but now and then, it's just so perfect with a great soup or stew!

Now and then I buy a gluten free cornbread mix from or pick up one in the grocery from Krusteaz.

I make the cornbread mix according to directions.
I rub my dish with coconut oil.
I spread out half of the batter in the prepared pan.
Next, I layer in 1/2 cup organic white corn and 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese.
Then, I put the second half of the batter on the top and then cook according to the package directions, or maybe 3-5 minutes more.

It's delicious and looks great when cut into big chunks that just cry out for some KerryGold butter on the top. Some people around here even crumble this cornbread into the bowl before they add their soup or stew.

I've also recently made a batch of this with the middle layer consisting of:

1 small container of green chilis and 1 cup shredded colby jack cheese.

Both have their favorites in this house!

Daisy wants a bite! 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Broccoli and Eggs in Cast Iron

Hi, guys. When I had a week of snow days I made eggs every morning, all different ways. This one was a delicious and easy way to get fueled up for a great day of checking things off the to-do list. 

In a small cast iron skillet, I put 1 tsp of coconut oil and rolled it around to coat the bottom evenly. (I think my kitchen is a bit crooked, or maybe it's my stove?)

I broke three eggs into the skillet and barely broke the yellows. I added a handful of organic broccoli, cut into very small pieces, hickory smoked sea salt, mustard, smoked paprika, and freshly ground black pepper.

As the eggs, over medium low heat, began to cook along the edges, I would pull them up with the spatula and tilt the pan, so that the whites would move under there.

Next, I cut down the center of the eggs with the spatula and flipped over both pieces. 

Then, I turned off the stove and moved the little cast iron skillet off the heat, and slid the eggs onto a plate. 

Ah, so good with coffee!

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Now, go out there and be spectacular.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ger and Cassie are expecting a baby in July, 2016

Yes, it's true - a baby is on the way. Ger and Cassie are getting Mikko a human. Won't it be strong and beautiful and smart? Well, the odds are good on that. I'lll be praying for all those things and more. I'll keep you posted, either here or on,  where I'm putting most of my new posts. Click here to read all about it:  READ MORE - BABY DUE IN JULY  

Monday, November 2, 2015

So, since I'm a left handed gal in cast since Sept 24, I haven't been posting much on here. I hope to get this waterproof cast off on Nov 10 if the X rays look good. Then I'll get a brace and start working on the wrist rehab. (been working the thumb already)

Needless to say, eating has been a challenge - I can't cook with just my non dominant hand, I can hardly get food INTO my mouth with my right hand...and what else? I bought a new dishwasher and it's sat in my kitchen floor for an entire week now. (If anyone out there is trying to think of a job that is needed, this might be a great idea...) 

But, tonight Jack, Isaac, I am going to Ger and Cassie's house. They made chili. Jess is bringing grilled cheese sandwiches. How nice is that? I'm looking forward to it.

Don't you love the shirts in the photo? Kim saw them and just had to get them for Ger and Cassie. The SASS is STRONG with them, for sure! I can't wait to see them in these matching shirts.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Paleo Chicken Pepper Paprikash has the power of smoked paprika.

Chicken Paprikash is a traditional Hungarian dish that uses Paprika as a main ingredient in the cooking of chicken thighs until extremely tender and flavorful.  I took the old family recipe and changed it up, using Paleo ingredients and Smoked Paprika and everything compliments the other ingredients to the point of perfection.

Smoked paprika has a deeper color and a more intense flavor than normal paprika.  it's filled with vitamin C and carotenoids and we all know the long list of benefits to our health that come with that, right?

So, try this easy and efficient recipe for your health and strength in your meal prep plan this week. Chicken thighs are also economical, even when they're organic.

Here's the recipe:  Paleo Chicken Pepper Paprikash 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Here's an easy and efficient paleo skillet meal - Apple Chicken Sausage and Vegetables

Skillet meals can be fast and healthy. This one is faster than most because of some healthy precooked apple chicken sausage. We all need recipes where we can prep some paleo fuel and get on with our lives. (I bet your to-do list is as long as mine) 
So, when you plan your meal prep sessions, this recipe is extra-fast - you'll be filling up your containers in no time.
This photo shows the recipe with added leftover Kicked Up Carrots. Check out the recipe here:     READ MORE