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About Our Healthy Crossfit Diet Meal Plans

Hi. I’m Dinah Houston. I’m Ger Sasser’s mom and I’ve been blogging healthy recipes at for several years. This is where you can find great nutritional athlete-inspired recipes with a Southern flair. You really can make a difference in your life through the foods you cook. I can help you - and YOU can just call me mom, too! 
A cook who uses our crossfit diet meal plans
Ger Sasser is a FIVE times Crossfit Regional athlete (4 Central East and recently, Mid Atlantic) and is # 36 for the NPGL San Francisco Fire.

 Many years ago he wanted to eat better and asked me to start looking into paleo and zone and nutrient-dense, real foods.  I’ve never looked back.  I come from a long line of great Southern cooks and I love to put my creativity and love into Feeding Ger Sasser!

Ger and Cassie still come over at least once a week – I love when they ask me to make some their favorites!  I take food to the box for them sometimes, too. 
I hope you find some favorites here. Check out some Crossfit diet meal plans and find some new things to try. If recipes aren't easy, you aren't going to bother AND if they don't taste good, you're not going to want to eat them. This mom has done the front-work for you.
I like to think my family is a walking reminder that real foods can make you stronger, healthier, and maybe even age well. (I don't feel 57!)

You can reach me here or at: Check out the photos on Instagram and find all the recipes here on the blog.
Feeding Ger Sasser on Pinterest - I love visual hoarding, don't you? - This is where we run contests, post photos of our recipes that you make, and ask questions about substitutions, on-trend ingredients, and advise to satisfy food cravings with better choices.  We also share best places to buy foods.  Join in the fun! is my email.