Lemongrass Crab Legs

Recipe Revisit from Sunday, November 25, 2012

You don't have to go out and spend big bucks for crab legs. They are easy to do at home! Yes, they are expensive at the grocery, but nothing like eating out. I make these for Isaac. He can crack through 2 lbs all by himself! (see why I make them at home???)

Ok. So, this is SO EASY. Buy a 2 lb package of frozen crab legs. 
Put your biggest stock pot on the stove, filled at least half-way up with water. Then put the lid on and get that water boiling.
Put some lemongrass into the pot. I use the already prepared lemongrass - it's in a tube, like toothpaste, near the fresh herbs. You can also use fresh-peeled lemongrass, but I'm always trying to make it fast, yet amazing.

When the water is boiling, just put your frozen crab legs in there and put the lid back on. 
They should be done in 7 minutes! 
That's it. Wait - no, that not quite everything - you also must melt some nice KerryGold butter from grass-fed cows to dip the sweet crabmeat in!

You will probably need about a lb per person. (unless you're feeding Ger Sasser, OR Isaac Houston!)