Monday, July 27, 2015

How healthy are Hemp Seed Crusted Avocado slices?

This very simple recipe is one you can find many uses for. These avocado slices rolled in hemp seeds will compliment and increase the nutritional value of so many meals.  Have you Googled the benefits of hemp seeds? No wonder they list it as a superfood. Maybe you already throw it into your smoothies - that's what mine was for.

You see, my sister gave me a birthday present that was themed (I love when she does that!) for Things for Your Vitamix Smoothies. There were cups and rounded lids and colorful straws. There were hemp seeds and figs, and all manner of other wonderful ingredients.

These hemp seeds aren't just for smoothies now! They look beautiful along the edges of avocado slices, don't they?

Hemp seeds boast a perfect balance of essential amino acids for good health, tons of protein, and boost the immune system. That's worth checking out this simple recipe, right?

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