Sunday, September 20, 2015

Paleo Chicken Pepper Paprikash has the power of smoked paprika.

Chicken Paprikash is a traditional Hungarian dish that uses Paprika as a main ingredient in the cooking of chicken thighs until extremely tender and flavorful.  I took the old family recipe and changed it up, using Paleo ingredients and Smoked Paprika and everything compliments the other ingredients to the point of perfection.

Smoked paprika has a deeper color and a more intense flavor than normal paprika.  it's filled with vitamin C and carotenoids and we all know the long list of benefits to our health that come with that, right?

So, try this easy and efficient recipe for your health and strength in your meal prep plan this week. Chicken thighs are also economical, even when they're organic.

Here's the recipe:  Paleo Chicken Pepper Paprikash 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Here's an easy and efficient paleo skillet meal - Apple Chicken Sausage and Vegetables

Skillet meals can be fast and healthy. This one is faster than most because of some healthy precooked apple chicken sausage. We all need recipes where we can prep some paleo fuel and get on with our lives. (I bet your to-do list is as long as mine) 
So, when you plan your meal prep sessions, this recipe is extra-fast - you'll be filling up your containers in no time.
This photo shows the recipe with added leftover Kicked Up Carrots. Check out the recipe here:     READ MORE 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Berry Blend Fig JouleFuel Smoothie is SO good for you!

Figs. Have you read about the nutritional powerhouse that figs provide? Did you know that you can substitute figs in any recipe that has dates 1:1? The more figs are researched, the more health benefits are found and since they've been around for over 5,000 years, I think it's time you gave them some attention.

People who are new to figs sometimes find the fresh ones...weird. All those different textures and the seeds and sometimes just the look of them stop some people in their tracks. 

Even the dried figs have a consistency that some find hard to love. 

What's the answer to this? Throw them in the Vitamix and sweeten up a JouleFuel smoothie. It's seriously good stuff! click here for the recipe:  Berry Blend JouleFuel Smoothie 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Bacon Wrapped Corn on the Cob - Oven Version

We were all craving corn and hadn't had any yet this season. I wanted to find the healthiest corn possible in this area; not an easy task, but farmer's markets and the Wild Ramp would be the best bets. Since we try to eat Paleo most of the time, and healthy all the time, I wanted this corn to be as special as I could make it so, of course, I wrapped it in bacon. Lots of bacon. Because that stuff will shrink. 
Everyone wanted more corn than I had. That's a good sign of a great recipe, right? Hopefully this will convince you to make this easy recipe. The photo on the recipe shows them cooked and they are awesomely beautiful.
Seriously. Click here for the recipe:  READ MORE 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Crock Pot Round Steak and Quinoa fuels you up for success

This amazing round steak recipe gives you the most delicious and tender way to easily prepare round steak. It can be made strict Paleo if you leave out the quinoa. 

But, let's talk about quinoa. It's not a grain. It's a seed, technically, from the goosefoot plant. 
So, it is gluten-free and better for you than grains. Most people process quinoa effectively. It's not like we eat it often, but now and then we enjoy it. There's only a cup of red quinoa in this crock pot recipe and it's a wonderful addition to your paleo diet now and then unless you are a STRICT Paleo person.

I like to load my crock pot the night before and place the insert into the fridge.
 The next morning, I'll see the post-it note on the coffee pot that reminds me to take it out of the fridge and plug it in and set it.  It is the perfect way to have a great meal ready when I get home from work, and no matter how stressful the day might try to be, I know I'm going to fuel up my people with a healthy dinner. 
Check out the recipe here:  READ MORE 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Spaghetti Squash Baby Kale Chicken Marinara - yes, I'm working at the airport.

I'm sitting in the Oakland airport waiting to fly home and catching up on recipe posts. We've had such a great time and got to spend a lot of time with Ger! It was great that Cassie was here at the same time, too! The San Francisco Fire won their match against the LA Reign and move on to the playoffs on Sept 16. Ger and the Fire will play the Phoenix Rise again in Anaheim.

We especially enjoyed our dinner last night at the Walnut Creek Yacht Club. It's nowhere near water but the food was so perfect that it didn't matter at all. I had tender sea bass, Jack and Ger had the halibut and roasted beets, and Isaac had lobster mac n cheese. All of this was after oysters on the half-shell. We finished up with one creme brûlée for the 4 of us to share.

Now, it's time to get back to business, right? This new Spaghetti Squash Baby Kale Chicken Marinara is a perfect blend of clean ingredients that will fuel you up for all your many successes. For the recipe,  CLICK HERE