Sunday, June 17, 2012

Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Basil

Eggs are wonderful. They aren't expensive, even when you buy the ones without hormones or antibiotics. I have a local farm egg source now and I can't believe how big and delicious these eggs are!  They are an excellent protein source and they are delicious many different ways. Ger has 4 eggs and 2 egg whites many mornings, cooked in coconut oil usually, with the yolks just a little soft.

Today I wanted scrambled eggs for lunch. It would be fast, fresh, and delicious. I melted 1 tsp of Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter Tub - 17.6 oz. - Butter  (Kerrygold butter is from grass-fed cows. You can find it now at most Kroger and Sam's) in a small skillet. I added 3 eggs, one TBSP coconut milk, and a pinch of smoked sea salt, and stirred that up with a spatula. I scrambled the eggs and just before they were done, I added a heaping TBSP of fresh basil, chopped. It was simple bliss with coffee and fresh cherries.

Eat eggs. They're good for you. They are not just for breakfast, either! I have several interesting recipes starring eggs on this blog. Search box it.