Saturday, June 2, 2012

Paleo Walleye with Broiled Zucchini

Mike and Jenny Miller shared their walleye from a fishing trip to Lake Erie with us today, so this is my first walleye! It's beautiful fish!

I washed off the big fillets and rolled them in almond meal. ( from I put them in a skillet covered in sizzling coconut oil. Next, I sprinkled them with Salt Trader's Maine Cherry Wood Smoked Sea Salt, lemon pepper, and plain sea salt. I browned them up on both sides.

Our side was broiled zucchini. I cut each zucchini long-ways into 4 pieces. I covered them with olive oil and laid them straight on a big cookie sheet. I put sea salt and basil on them and put them under the broiler for 13 minutes.
 Done! Beautiful! Easy! Healthy!