Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mom's Best Cake in the World ( a favorite Paleo cheat meal dessert)

                                                           Mom's Best Cake in the World

                             WARNING! WARNING! THIS IS NOT A PALEO DESSERT!

   It is, however, a great way for Paleo-eating CrossFitters to have a "cheat meal dessert" that's worth it!

         My mom, Pauline Pike, made this frosting up and the grandkids have been asking her to make this one for birthdays and other special occasions for years in my family. My sister, Annette, and I make it often. So, Ger's little brother, Isaac Houston, wanted this for his birthday today. Everyone ate a little except Ger. (his discipline knows no bounds) Isaac ate a LOT! This cake even deserves my antique cake plate from my Nana.
       Here's what I did:

       I used a Duncan Hines cake mix in Dark Chocolate. (Triple Chocolate Fudge works well, too) I prepared it just like on the back of the box EXCEPT where it says 1/2 cup vegetable oil, I used 1/2 cup melted coconut oil. Did you guess that one? lol
        When the 2 round layers of cake are completely cooled, I flipped the layers out on paper plates and then split the layers with waxed dental floss, making 4 layers. Easy. This will make the cake TALL and there will be lots of the most amazing frosting in between everything.

Then I made the frosting that mom made up. In a large mixing bowl, I put 12 oz sour cream, 2 cups powdered sugar, 6 oz Ghirardelli 30618 Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips (I love the 65% dark ones!) chopped up in a Pampered Chef chopper, and an 8 oz container of Cool Whip. I stirred all of this up and put the layers together with this. I use a lot, but DON'T use it all. THEN, I put 4 more oz of Cool Whip in the bowl and stir that in. This makes it fluffier. This is the part I frost the top and around the sides of the cake with. It will be thick on top!

       It needs to go in the refrigerator for a while before it's served. Any leftovers need to go back into the fridge because of the sour cream. But, it won't be around for long! So, if you want to make someone something really special, (and easy!) try Mom's Best Cake in the World.

                                                                    Isn't that pretty?