Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cooney Creek Farms - Local Grass Fed Beef

                        "Does this clover make my sirloins look big?" That's what the back of Cindy Yancy's shirt said as I followed her around, taking a tour of Cooney Creek Farm. The tour included my daughter, Jessica, and a local foods blogger whose name I can't remember - I hope she sees this and leaves me a reply.
                      It's always a good idea to know where your food comes from. I had friends at CrossFit Countdown who had highly recommended grass fed beef from Cooney Creek Farms, so we called her and headed on out there. (People tell stories of buying grass fed beef that's not really grass fed, or it's grass fed but corn finished) We looked all around and we liked what we saw. We met cows, of course, but also "hair sheep" along with their dog-sitter, Patty. We met many chickens and some horses, too.
Cindy explained about moving her herds around and why she has so many more chickens than she ordered...... We met her husband, too, and he was quite entertaining! He had us laughing.
                    We bought burger, ground round, roasts, ribeyes and T-bones. We bought a bunch of the same for Bruce and Leslie, too. It was a morning well spent.

                    The ribeyes were great! The burgers tonight were so juicy and flavorful. Roasts and T-bones will be on the blog soon!  I know where those cows live - it's a beautiful place, not too far away, and they are well taken care of. Check them out.  Just Google Cooney Creek Farms.