Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Protein Shakes - Shake It Up

I love a cold protein shake after a tough WOD. I always feel like I earned it!  There's something about that "window of opportunity," the time that you can replace protein for your muscles.... Ger explains it much better than I do.

Ger (spring 2014) uses protein from TEN Institute now. He was looking for a cleaner protein to ingest and really was impressed with what he saw when he started looking into the different ingredients.  When my two bags of Progenex are gone, I'm going to try it next.

The rest of the family uses Progenex for our shakes. We've tried all their flavors and love chocolate and vanilla the best. (We use a ton of it for my Cocoa Delight Bites and Vanilla Date Delight Bites, along with all the other recipes for protein bites ) My favorite is Tropical Vanilla Progenex in coconut water. But, we don't want to get bored here, so sometimes we have a Locha Mocha Progenex with coconut milk and an extra tsp of cocoa. That makes it really dark! We had been using the Myofusion flavors a couple of years back, but the thickness and some of the ingredients were worrying me......

Another great thing you can add to your protein shake is pomegranate powder. I get it from Amazon and the brand is Navitas Naturals. It helps keep your immune system up and running. It doesn't change the taste of your shake much, either.

I also sometimes put chia seeds in my protein shake, too. These seeds help with long term energy. I like to get chia seeds from nuts.com and white chia seeds from vitacost.com.  I even hide a little turmeric in there sometimes. (You really need to throw turmeric into your food every chance you get!)

I have friends who swear by Beverly protein, too.

update Jan 2015 - I am loving SFH recovery protein - I have both the chocolate and the vanilla and use this brand or TEN Institute all the time now, for shakes and for all the recipes here that use protein. Check them out. Let me know what you've switched to in the comments section, ok?

What protein do you use?  Favorite flavor? What do you add to your protein shake?