Hemp Seed Crusted Avocado

Aren't these avocado slices looking very appetizing to you? They are to me. I had them for lunch today with Paleo Broccoli Salad and Sausage and Artichoke Heart Salad, along with some homemade kombucha. This paleo diet recipe is so easy and is worth doing because it makes such a nice presentation and is so healthy!

I cut around an avocado, top to bottom and back to the top, with a knife and gently pushing in until I felt the knife hit the pit all the way around.

I laid the avocado in my hands and "unscrewed" the two parts.

I took out the pit by hitting it with my knife and the twisting it out.

I peeled and sliced the avocado into 8 slices.

I poured 2 TBSP hemp seeds onto a small plate and rocked each avocado slice back and forth in the hemp seeds and then placed them on a serving dish.

Wouldn't this look beautiful atop your next salad or skillet meal or other Feeding Ger Sasser Paleo diet recipe?