Sunday, January 8, 2012

One-Pot Wonder

This meal is one that really "sticks to your ribs."

First, I chopped a yellow onion and some fresh garlic. I cooked it a few minutes in 2 tsp. coconut oil and set it aside. ( If you're feeling lazy, just throw garlic powder and onion powder in your burger - it'll still be yummy.)
 In the same skillet, I cooked 20 oz all natural extra lean ground turkey breast and 16 oz grass-fed beef, seasoned with organic pepper, sea salt, and smoked paprika.
While that cooked, I washed and sliced 5 zucchini, and a green pepper. (any color will do, and yellow squash instead of zucchini works, too) I also thawed a frozen pepper stir-fry.

 All these veggies went into a tall stock pot along with 2 jars of organic pasta sauce.  Use what you love, but read ingredients and go for low or no sugar and salt. The veggies will cook on medium heat a few minutes.

 Then throw in the burger. Stir. Continue heating.  Add a some chopped fresh basil. (or dried basil) If it looks too thick, you can add chicken stock or more red sauce.

Now,this meal needs to simmer on low for 30 minutes, so even though my kitchen smells AMAZING, I am going outside to do a 400 meter walking lunges work-out. I missed that WOD this week.