Thursday, January 12, 2012

Smoked Salmon and Figs Salad

This one got rave reviews. This is a pic of my salad - Ger's was MUCH bigger!

To a large bowl I added:
 organic baby spinach
 fresh cauliflower
black sesame seeds
 cherry tomatoes
figs (Cut off the stem and cut into small pieces. Buy the ones that don't have any extra ingredients, like in the pic)
chopped macadamia nuts

Jess and I shared a package of wild Alaskan smoked salmon. Ger's salad had a whole package on it.

We also threw a few dried cherries in. Did you know you can buy them from without any added sugar?

This was so good with a huge mug of organic green tea.

Just don't go crazy with the amount of figs in YOUR salad... or no one will be able to stand being around you the next