Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bacon-Wrapped Dates and Brazil Nuts

I needed a snack. I've been on a brazil nut kick lately, so I made Bacon-wrapped dates with a brazil nut stuck in the date. These weren't around long! If you don't like brazil nuts, you can do them with pecans or pistachios or almonds....or almond butter..... or no nuts at all.

I used one package of UNCURED bacon. (nitrite and nitrate-free) and cut the chunk in half, making each bacon slice now 2 short slices.
 I stuck a brazil nut on top of a pitted date. I rolled a short slice of bacon around this and laid it on a cookie sheet. I made 28 of them. This number will depend on the brand of your bacon.

I cooked them for about 14 minutes in a 450 degree oven. I transferred them to a paper-towel-covered plate.

I just ate 4 of them, but I'm going back.......

It's best to count out your brazil nuts and your dates before you begin assembling them, so you won't have to wash your bacon-covered hands to get more brazil nuts out of the