Sunday, January 29, 2012

Orange Roughy with Mushrooms and Garlic

I fixed 2 packages of orange roughy and it had 4 nice pieces. I cooked them in a couple of tsp of coconut oil with freshly ground black pepper and garlic blend sea salt.

In another skillet I put some coconut oil and a couple of crushed cloves of garlic for a few minutes. Then I added a some peeled organic carrots and a package of frozen cauliflower and 1/4 cup bold chicken stock. After a few minutes I threw in 2 packages of crimini brown mushrooms.

This meal was ready in 20 minutes. There's no excuse not to feed yourself real food.

The mushrooms increase production and activity of white blood cells. The fish has omega-3s to help with airflow and lung protection. Garlic eaters are 2/3 less likely to catch a cold or flu. So, boost YOUR immune system with this meal and enjoy!