Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Salmon Salad with carrots and macadamia nuts

Last night we ate Fuji Apple salads with an apple on the side,
 from Panera Bread - it's funny that we love to eat there but we don't eat  bread.

Tonight we baked salmon with coconut oil and some lemon pepper. I served it on a bed of organic baby spinach and drizzled our new favorite salad dressing - Garlic Gold - over all.  Macadamia nuts on the side rounded out the perfect good fats for this simple, delicious meal.

 (Please forgive me for those frozen carrots in this picture - I always peel the organic ones now, no matter how rushed I am for time. No one should ever eat the ones in the grocery that are already peeled and all the same shape, and sprayed with chlorine! No, thank you.)

Real food - for our health.