Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vegetable Beef Soup, Paleo

Yesterday was Ger's birthday. We did dead lift PRs at the box, then 7 minutes of burpees. Everyone was measured and we all had a target to jump up and hit with both hands. It was a great day at CrossFit Countdown. Even with my wonky wrists, I was proud of getting my dead lift up 5 lbs, to 155! I got 62 burpees, and my left wrist wasn't feeling too bad at all.

After that, many of us went to Panera, to have a quick get-together for Ger's birthday. Mike had made a FaceBook wall to spread the word, and somehow Ger got invited, too! He clicked "maybe!" We laughed about that! We have some of the most wonderful people we WOD with, don't you?

Before his birthday, Ger said this soup was even better than the beef shanks the first time! Here's what I did to make this soup:
I picked the left-over meat from the tendons and stuff that are always on beef shanks. It fell into bite-size pieces. I threw this, and the broth from the Grass-Fed Beef Shanks recipe into the stock pot. (If you haven't made that, you can use any left-over roast.)

This Vegetable Beef Soup is made with the leftovers from the Grass-Fed Beef Shanks. ( I made a lot, or I wouldn't have had any left!)

I peeled and cut up a bag of organic carrots and threw them in and got them boiling, and then turned them down to simmer.
I cut up a head of cabbage and 3 yellow squash into bite-size pieces. I threw that in, too.
I added a jar of SUGAR-FREE marinara sauce and a can of diced tomatoes. ( no salt added)
I also added a container of fresh spinach.
I checked to make sure there were still some onions in the leftovers. If you want, you should cook some up in coconut oil, until soft, and then add them to your soup.
I added a little of my crack-salt. (salttraders.com Maine Cherry Wood Smoked Sea Salt. 1 lb for $16 and worth every penney. They should pay me - I have a lot of people addicted to this stuff - almost as many people as I have addicted to the Flow Free ap in the Ap Store!)

Anyway, make this great soup. It's so good for your bones! It's great for your immune system, too.