Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rosemary Chicken Thighs

Today was a very good day. Ger ran his first CrossFit Competition - CrossFit Countdown Gym Throw Down. So many wonderful people helped to make this a success. So many wonderful people came to compete and to cheer competitors on.

The Next Mile had a booth and I sent people over there for Swiftwick socks, etc. Angie had farm-fresh eggs for sale.  Lonnie Winters from Vida Loca was doing chair massages. Kim had designed a great shirt to sell for the box. And.... I had a table of "Feeding Ger Sasser" foods. I sold everything I had way before the day was over.

Here's how I made the chicken I sold today:

I rubbed coconut oil my broiler pan and laid several hormone-free boneless chicken thighs on the pan. You know how they are sort of rolled up? Well, I left them that way.  I brushed the tops of them with olive oil and shook minced garlic on them. ( You could also just use the garlic oil from It's so delicious!)
 Then I sprinkled them with Salt Traders Cherry Wood Smoked Sea Salt ( and freshly ground black pepper.  The last thing I did was to top them with fresh rosemary - I snipped each stalk into 3-4 pieces and put a piece on each chicken thigh.

I put them into a 425 degree oven for 30 minutes.

At the Throw Down, I took in my microwave, and the first person to buy a chicken thigh and heat it up.... got the scent of Rosemary Chicken in the air. That's all it took. I could have sold MANY more than I had with me. Dr. Kerry even said she loved them and she'd never been a fan of chicken thighs!

Congratulations to all the contestants today and especially to the people who stood on the podium! Congrats to Firebreather Fitness and CrossFit Thunder, who amazingly TIED for the $1000 prize!

                                                                Go, Cassie!