Monday, January 19, 2015

Aerogarden 7 LED Early Adventures

I wanted fresh herbs. Lots of them. More than I could afford.

I've wanted them since summer was over.

It's winter.  January.   January in Kentucky.

So, I bought myself a Christmas present. (At least it was half-price - an Amazon Deal of the Day)

It took no time at all to set up.

I worried that I'd wasted my money - that it wouldn't grow fresh herbs at all.

But, this was after one week. I felt hope.

Week two showed growth and I thought maybe I would be soon eating fresh herbs in my kitchen, in January, in Kentucky.

This is the week three photo and these herbs have become happy overachievers. I already had to move the lights up. I'm enjoying fresh herbs on my farm-raised fried eggs, and best of all, I'm glad that I bought myself that Christmas present.  

I'm thinking I'll try organic lettuces next........