Monday, June 23, 2014

Lemon Garlic Kale

This is a beautiful and healthy side dish. It also works with other greens. You can just taste the nutritional value of this dish.

I put on a pot of water with a little salt to boil.

I tore a large bunch of kale from the stems. When the water was boiling, I there in the kale and stirred it. Then I turned it down to simmer for 3 minutes. That's not long - I wanted the kale to still be bright green. (When I do this with spinach it only takes one minute.)

After the three minutes I poured off the water and added 1 TBSP olive oil, the juice from half of a large organic lemon, and 1 TBSP garlic nuggets. ( or however you make things "garlic-y")

This pairs well with most meats. Give it a try!