Friday, July 12, 2013

Kill Cliff Kiwi Popsicles

Ok, I'm going to throw it out there - now and then I have a really good idea.

I was thinking about how hot it is at the box and how hard everyone is working and all the PR's that are going up on the board for July, 2013. I was thinking about this after many, many back squats, while drinking a Kill Cliff, and sitting in front of  a huge industrial fan. My Kill Cliff was very cold, but not as cold as the ones we had at Central East Regionals, right out of the ice. So, I figured that the COLDER the Kill Cliff, the better.......... then I imagined this:

Kill Cliff Kiwi Popsicles!  I used one can of Kill Cliff and 3 kiwi. I cut the ends off the kiwi and then peeled them, sliced them and cut the slices into halves. I poured a little Kill Cliff in each popsicle section, then put in some kiwi (very ripe and sweet) and then topped them off with more Kill Cliff. I placed the holder-stick parts in each little compartment and put them into the freezer. I made 6 but it wasn't enough..... we are all addicted to Kill Cliff.

Yes, it's true, the colder the Kill Cliff, the better!

We LOVE them! We want popsicle molds that are bigger now! And, I am making Kiwi Clementine Popsicles next! Try them. Make them for your athletes, your children, yourself! Just make them.

If you can't get Kill Cliff at your Crossfit Affiliate or your GNC, you can get them at

(Farrah loves them, too!)