Sunday, July 14, 2013

Apple Chips

Apple chips are delicious, just to snack on, on salads, and so many other different ways. We love them on salads at Panera Bread. We used to have them add apple chips to the cobb salad with avocado - so many of us were ordering that, with an apple as a side, that the people that worked at Panera were calling it the Crossfitter salad!
Then, someone pointed out to me that they were charging a dollar (!) every time we had those apple chips added. So, that's when I dug the dehydrator off the top shelf of a basement closet......

I washed and sliced 7 apples. Any kind of apples would work, but these were pink something-apples, really sweet and crunchy.  I put them in a bowl of water with two lemons squeezed in there. This is so they won't turn so brown.

I laid the pieces of apple onto the 4 trays of the dehydrator and dehydrated them at 135 degrees for 6 hours. (I might go a little longer next time, but it might depend on the juiciness of the apples, too)
That's it!  Isaac came into the kitchen when the apple chips were done and put one in his mouth.....then picked up an entire tray and took it with him!

This is my dehydrator. You can check them out online. There are lots of different price points and sizes. I also checked to make sure dehydrators didn't use much electricity since they stay on a while.... no worries there!