Saturday, July 13, 2013

Asian Kale Chips

I've got 2 kale chip recipes on this blog that use the oven but I like these better. We all do! I've had this dehydrator for years (from making jerky with Ger when he was little, but it still works!) and now I'm going to be using it a lot!

I started with these  - Asian Kale Chips. I stirred the following ingredients up with a whisk, in a BIG bowl:

1 tsp balsamic vinegar
2 TBSP Garlic Gold - the Garlic Gold oil that has the crunchy minced garlic in it.
1 tsp almond butter
1 tsp smoked sea salt
1 TBSPPrivate Selection Signature Rub - Asian (or other Asian blend that has lots of black sesame  seeds)
1/2 tsp thyme
 black pepper, to taste

Next, I took 2 bunches of organic kale and tore it off the stems and into big bite-sized pieces. I put all the kale in in big bowl and mixed and flipped and massaged it until it was all covered evenly. (Yes, the kale fell out of the bowl now and then and I just threw it back  in.)

I placed the prepared kale onto 4 trays in the dehydrator. It was a lot but I made it work, like a puzzle.

See? I put the dehydrator lid on and plugged it in. I turned it to 135 degrees for 4 hours. It shrank up some but not as much as the recipes for the kale chips in the oven. The texture is just better, too. We loved it.

If you are interested in a dehydrator, ask your friends, check ebay, craigslist, or even Goodwill. People get them and then don't use them, kind of like home workout equipment - lol. They don't use very much electricity at all, either - I checked.