Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Paleo Peach Whip

So, I'd bought 4 big ripe peaches. I peeled them and let the juice drip into a Tupperware container. I diut them into bite-sized pieces and Put a lid on the container. I place it in the freezer before I started to make dinner.

 After dinner I opened my Cuisenaire 7-cup food processor (it also works in a blender) and threw the frozen peaches in there, along with 2 tsp of raw honey ( or  - it's not in my grocery here.....) and 1/4 cup of organic coconut milk from a can.

I put the top on and hit the button. After a couple of minutes, it was Paleo Peach Whip!  We all loved it.All four of us loved it. Ger and I still like the Paleo Pinapple Whip the best. Isaac and Cassie liked the Paleo Peach Whip. It looks like we are tied!  Let me know which one YOU like best here, or on the Facebook fan page for Feeding Ger Sasser.

Happy Wednesday morning. Ger registers at Central East Regionals tomorrow. I need to make another great dinner and MORE of my Pumpkin Paleo Crunch, for the road trip.