Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Paleo Blueberry Whip and Paleo Blackberry Whip

Ger and Cassie are heading up to Columbus tomorrow. Isaac and I are riding with Kerry on Friday morning, EARLY. Poor Daisy will go to be boarded at the "spa." I made my Paleo Crock Pot Chicken Thigh Dinner and my Garlic Kale Chips with organic red kale.

After that, I'd read today that Lisbeth Darsh is crazy about blueberries - they are so healthy and sweet - so I bought 2 little packages of fresh blueberries and froze them. I placed them in the food processor along with 1/4 cup of organic canned coconut milk and 1 tsp raw honey. I pushed the on button and listened for the sound to change to a "gloppy" sound. It was fast and easy and delicious.

Next, I pulled out two frozen containers of fresh blackberries and did the same thing.

I still like the Paleo Pineapple Whip the best. Cassie and Isaac say the Peach Whip is the best. Ger's thinking it's maybe the Blueberry Whip now!  No one here like the Blackberry Whip best. (although they all love my Paleo Blackberry Bars)  I think it's because of the the little seeds....