Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Llama Chops

I bought a llama sight unseen. I hadn't even tasted llama before, but I researched it, and Tara had made llama chops and told me they were good. So, Tara's source said I could get a grass fed llama sent to the processor for a  good bit less money than grass fed cow, so I jumped in.

People say the funniest things, like "I don't think I could eat anything fluffy...." and "How could you eat a llama???" But, who picked cow, chicken, and pig in this country? People eat all kinds of things all over the world. I have a non-fiction book in my GT classroom called, "What the World Eats" that shows Seahorses on a Stick!

So, llama is somewhere between beef and pork. It doesn't have any game taste like deer.
We started with the steaks.

I left the steaks out of the fridge for a few minutes to knock the chill off. I heated up my favorite pan to medium and added a little coconut oil. I dried off one side of the steaks with paper towel, then seasoned them with Salt Trader's Cheryy Wood Smoked Sea Salt, (salttraders.com) a little turmeric, and freshly ground pepper. Then I put them, seasoned side down, in the skillet for 3 minutes.
Then I turned the skillet down to low for 3 more minutes. I seasoned that side of the steaks the same way.
I flipped them over and turned the skillet back up with the same process; 3 minutes to get a brown sizzle on them and 3 more minutes to make sure they were "medium." I flipped them once more for good measure.
I set them aside to rest and did the other 2 steaks. (They were BIG.)
 They were also very good! "Delicious, unique, a little chewy."

So, a llama roast will be next. I am looking forward to it!

                                                      There's our Ger, proving his fitness.