Sunday, November 4, 2012

Paleo Chicken and Sausage Soup

Soup is fast, easy, warm, and filling. This one has lots of protein and so many nutrients from the kale and carrots. The broth is delicious! It has a can of pumpkin hidden in it and you can't taste it at all but it deepens the broth in such a nice way. ( You know I try to get pumpkin into everything I can!)

I started the broth in a big stockpot. I put in 1 32 ox container of Kitchen Basics Chicken Stock, 16 oz of water and 1  15 oz can of pumpkin. I stirred this up and left it on medium low heat.

I put a 19 oz package of Italian sausage, cut into bite-size pieces, into a skillet. (try to find healthy sausage with no preservatives)

While the sausage cooked, I peeled and cut up 1 lb of organic carrots. I put them into the broth and put a lid on it, and turned it up to medium high. This is a very important step. Many people go for the convenience of those carrots that look like peeled baby carrots - they aren't baby carrots, they've just been put through some machine that cuts them that way. They start losing their nutritional value, too! I use them myself when I am in a raging hurry, but taking the time to peel whole organic carrots will make a difference in taste and fuel.

When the sausage was done, I put it into the stock pot.  I used the same skillet to next cook a 20 oz package of chicken tenderloins, cut into bite-sized pieces.

While the chicken pieces cooked, I added most of a 1 lb bag of kale, and a 16 oz can of diced organic tomatoes to the stock pot.
When the chicken was done, I put it onto the stock pot. I added 1 TBSP of Salt Traders Smoked Sea Salt, and some freshly ground black pepper. (If you don't have smoked sea salt, you might want to add a tsp of Liquid Smoke, or some Hickery Bacon Salt)

This stuff is really good. It's good for days, too, IF it sticks around that long!

                                                     My boys eat good! That's important!