Saturday, August 15, 2015

This Paleo Chunky Summer Slaw is cold and crunchy

Do you get too busy with all the things you need to do that you let meal prep and healthy meal choices fall by the wayside? Then, do you notice that your energy levels or your patience are dropping off? 

 I'm a teacher. This time of year is when my school district has been in session a couple of weeks and I am already feeling the stress of the "list" getting longer and longer. I didn't eat great this week. I certainly didn't get to Crossfit Countdown enough. It's Saturday and I'm about to go back to ONE of my classrooms and work.

I'm also going to prep better for the upcoming week and stop beating myself up about it all. This Chunky Summer Slaw is one of the easy things I can do this weekend.  You should try it.   Find the recipe here