Sunday, November 3, 2013


Ger loves when pomegranate season is upon us. You can see his great enthusiasm in this photo Cassie took when they saw the first one in our Kroger. They looked good here, but the produce people at our Kroger NEVER throw them away - they leave rotting, dark mushy ones in the bin. They won't listen to me.

The newest way to get the seeds out is from a video getting shared on Instagram and Facebook. It's of a farmer in the field who cuts off the top about an inch and a half down and then scores between the sections and pulls it apart. See the photo below? That works best for me now and if you haven't seen it, you should find that wouldn't load for me here.

Many people get the seeds out in a bowl of water, but the "beat on them with a wooden spoon" method works much better for us. ( Cheree and John Davis told us about it, and we haven't looked back)  You cut the pomegranate in half, making the northern hemisphere and the Southern hemisphere. Then, you pull back on them, to loosen the pathways where the seeds will fall out. Do this over a large bowl. Then, you hold it LOOSELY in the palm of your hand and bang it in true "Crossfit" fashion! The seeds will fall out.

We love them by the bowlful. They are just perfect on lots of different foods, especially salads.

Pomegranates have been around for centuries. There's a lot of proof of their amazing health properties. Google their ability to rid the mouth of plaque of their cholesterol helpfulness. One of my favorites is their antioxidant properties so that joints don't ache - whether you're lifting heavy or just getting older - or both!