Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kill Cliff Double Awesomeness Popsicles

Many of you are familiar with my Kill Cliff Kiwi Popsicle recipe using The Tasty flavor. They are so good! They help you "test positive for Awesome!" I've had a few of the new flavor now, called Double Awesomeness and have been thinking about what fruit would compliment it in a popsicle and raspberry was the clear winner!  These are so simple and are anti-inflammatory and cool you off in a frozen awesomeness kind of way. So, try them soon.

I took one can of Double Awesomeness Kill Cliff, and several fresh raspberries out of the fridge. I put one whole raspberry into each popsicle compartment.
In a small bowl, I mashed several raspberries with a fork - maybe 10 of them. I slowly poured the Kill Cliff into the raspberries and stirred. Then I filled the popsicle compartments with this mixture. I added the last of the smashed raspberries with a spoon.
I didn't fill completely - things expand when they freeze, especially if they have a little carbonation. I put the handles into the popsicle compartments and carefully set them into the freezer so they would be level. (and not get spilled before they froze)

Later, they were so delicious, just perfect after a hot, sweaty WOD.  The only thing that might make them better is eating them astride a unicorn, under a waterfall, right?

My popsicle molds didn't hold the entire Kill Cliff, but I would never waste even one drop. Ahhhhh.