Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fix Ahead Breakfast

My back-to-school issues are upon me, so I have been doing a lot of prep today. I know old-fashioned oats are grain. I know grain isn't paleo. I also know that these oats don't spike your insulin levels like other grains and I LIKE them now and then. I buy McCann's Irish Oats - Instant, from They are already cooked slow, then dried, so they are faster. They are nutty and I love them MUCH more than Quaker Old-Fashioned Oats, and I don't think these Irish oats have GMO worries.......

I prepped several containers with (clockwise, from the oats, in the photo) McCann's oats, toasted pecan pieces, dried cherries, (, with no added sugar - hard to find, but so good for your joints)  vanilla protein powder, dried goji berries (also and cinnamon.

Why get everything out every morning that you might eat this? I just do several while I have everything out. And, the mornings will go smoother. Just add hot water and stir.
If there's a really a time-constrained morning, I'll just take the container with me!

What do you do to prepare ahead for your mornings?