Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Llama Burgers

We just watched 13.2. Annie and Lindsey were just power-houses! (Ger and Cassie will be doing 13.2 in St. Louis this weekend.) We ate these burgers while we watched, with avocados and veggies and red grapes.

You can make them with grass fed burger, deer burger, llama, or bison - whatever combination you want to do.
I mixed in a bowl:
1 lb llama burger
1 lb bison burger
1 tsp Cherry Wood Smoked Sea Salt (
1 tsp tsp smoked paprika
1/2 tsp dried mustard
1/2 tsp turmeric
freshly ground pepper, to taste

I made big patties and cooked them over medium heat in my favorite big green skillet in 2 TBSP coconut oil.
Oh, yum! I am feeding Ger Sasser some serious nutritional paleo fuel.

Now, about this llama..... we named him Leon, just for fun, before we got the meat from the processor at Whitlock's. There's a llama farm near me, just one county away, and I talked to him about sharing my source, in case any of my local CrossFit friends ( and other healthy eaters) are interested in an alternative grass fed meat source.  Mr. Clarence Evenson said that would all right by him. So, if you are interested in a llama for your freezer, contact this nice fellow at   (I guess they can't all be "show" llamas...... I am glad, because it's delicious AND it's less expensive than the grass fed beef sources I know of.

I have a Llama Chops recipe on here and will soon be posting my Paleo Llama "Sloppy Joes," a Crockpot wondrous recipe. Let me know, too, on here, if you have any questions.