Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sauteed Onions with Turkey Burgers

Organic sweet yellow onions are so good for you. They boost your immune system, which is a very good thing!

I cut the top and bottom off of 3 big onions. I sliced them and put them in a skillet with 2 TBSP of coconut oil. I stirred and cooked them over medium heat until they were tender. I transferred them to a platter.

I made my usual turkey burgers.
 I always buy healthy turkey burgers. Healthy protein is very important.   No one should be eating meat with added hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides. (or GMO corn, but that's another post...)

 I put garlic powder, smoked paprika, sea salt, and freshly ground pepper. Turmeric can be added to this mix, too.

We had these with roasted organic beets from the farmer's market and avocado. Those onions were so sweet!