Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paleo Coconut Chicken Strips

Look at these Paleo Coconut Chicken Strips sizzling in the skillet. We loved them!

I took 2 lbs of boneless, skinless chicken breasts and cut each breast into 3 long strips.
I whisked 2 eggs and 1 TBSP of coconut milk in a small bowl.
In another bowl, I mixed 3/4 cup almond flour, 3/4 cup unsweetened coconut, 1/4 tsp sea salt, freshly ground pepper, and 1/4 garlic powder. ( I used the organic unsweetened coconut chips, which are big, moist chunks, from The unsweetened shredded coconut will do nicely, too.)

I heated a skillet to almost medium and added 2 TBSP coconut oil and 1 TBSP bacon grease. (If you don't bacon grease on hand, increase your coconut oil.)

I rolled each chicken strip in the egg mixture and then in the dry mixture. I smoosh the coconut onto the chicken. I pan-fry them until they are done all the way through. I didn't have my pan too hot so I wouldn't burn the coconut. I left them on each side for a good while. I knew if I flipped them over too much, the coconut mixture would come off of the chicken. I turned them over very carefully to avoid this.

I didn't want to do a dipping sauce. If you do, avoid any hidden sugar. I DID give them a tiny splash of balsamic vinaigrette right before we ate them. The flavor from THE FLYING OLIVE vinegars give you a big taste. Try the cherry one - my fav!

If you don't feed as many as me, you could have everything and just do 1 lb of chicken, but you might like to have these leftovers for lunch the next day. That's my plan!

I've also done this recipe with boneless chicken thighs. I just kind of unrolled them so they would lay flatter in the skillet and be done in the middle. They were so good!