Berry Blend Fig JouleFuel Smoothie

Berry Blend Fig Joulefuel Smoothie

I put the following ingredients into the Vitamix:

1 slight cup Vanilla Berry JouleFuel powder 

1 cup organic coconut water

1 cup organic berry blend frozen fruit

3 soft dried turkish figs

1 slight TBSP olive oil 

1/4 tsp organic Saigon cinnamon

I ran the Smoothie setting on the Vitamix (or whatever your preferred mixer) and poured the smoothie into a to-go cup with a lid and a color-coordinated straw. 

This was really delicious and filled me up like a nutritious and clean meal. The fruit sweetened the smoothie in a whole food kind of way.  

 You should try it because it's EASY and no matter what your age, our food is our fuel for our ONE BODY. So, don't settle for junk food and empty calories and chemical additives because the better you eat, the more you'll accomplish.