Friday, April 17, 2015

Honey Lime Shrimp

Shea agreed to share with us how she makes this incredibly easy shrimp. It's good!

1 bag of medium frozen raw shrimp
1/4 of medium white onion
1/4 cup of honey (raw or local)
1 large lime
Sea salt and garlic powder or fresh garlic to taste (I totally didn't measure)
Tiny bit of Olive oil or coconut oil

So this is the easiest, quickest thing ever. It's really light and could go on top of a salad or stand alone with a side. I had it with spaghetti squash au gratin.
I thawed the shrimp (in COLD water) and cut up the onion. Once it was thawed, I put a skillet on medium heat and put in just enough oil to cover the pan (I don't like my shrimp greasy) and added the honey so it would mix better. Once hot, I added the onion, shrimp, salt and garlic. I stirred it around and once the shrimp was pink on both sides, I squeezed both sides of the lime into the skillet. Cooked it a little longer (it only took like 7 minutes....if that, total). And that's it!!  Super simple and yummy."

I've been looking at Shea's photos on FB to pick one out to share with you here - hard to decide...a Crossfit pic? One where she looks amazing, with her husband, Josh? How about both?


That shrimp looks good on you, Shea.