Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cherry Balsamic Blood Orange Chicken Tenders

I put 2 tsp coconut oil into a large skillet.

I added 1 package of organic chicken tenders.

I sprinkled them with:
smoked sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
smoked paprika
I cooked them on medium heat, turning them now and then. They took less than 15 minutes.

When they were done I drizzled about 1 tsp of Flying Olive Blood Orange Olive Oil and 1 TBSP Flying Olive Cherry Balsamic Vinegar.  (You can experiment here with other infused flavor combinations...)
I stirred and turned them over as these last two ingredients made a thickened bit of glaze on the chicken. 
It was heavenly.

Here's a selfie of me and Mikko. We love to watch all the action at the box, especially with only 3 weeks until Regionals 2015.