Wednesday, July 4, 2012

No-Cook Paleo Meal

So, what do I do when the power's been out for 72 hours? How many times can you eat a Panera Bread salad or Chicken Fresco at Ruby Tuesday? My brain was fried from the 103 degree heat and we were all tired of eating out. My power came on and my water heater over-heated and flooded my basement so then I had no water..... oh, well. Things happen.

I went to the grocery and got maple turkey slices from the deli, red pepper, black grapes, and Wholly Guacamole. I could have made it pretty by slicing the peppers thin and putting them on the turkey, spreading the guac on the turkey and rolling them up, but I was much too tired. (Moving everything out of the basement and into the garage in this heat was enough for one day!)

Anyway, it was cold, crunchy, delicious, healthy, and fast! Just what I needed. Try it. Mix it up. You CAN still eat paleo and not even have to cook!