Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paleo Roasted Brussels Sprouts Red Grapes and Pecans

I made 2 pans of this, thinking there would be a lot of leftovers, but it was so delicious, we ate it like crazy! I'm really thinking about Ger's performance on the floor at Central East Regionals, so this is what I came up with for some serious antioxidant levels.
I used two containers of brussels sprouts. I cut off the tough little ends of them and then cut them in half. Some of the outer leaves fell off, but that's ok. I split them between the two big pans.
Next, I pulled about 4 cups of red grapes off the stems and threw them onto the pans.
I added fresh thyme, probably 4 TBSP total, but I didn't chop it up. I like when you can just pick the stems off of the food - the flavor stays behind.
I tossed all of this on the pans with 2 TBSP of Macadamia Nut Oil and 2 TBSP of olive oil. ( You can use 4 TBSP of olive oil, or melted coconut oil)
I spread it all out and added sea salt and pepper.
I roasted until caramelized, in a 450 degree oven for 20 minutes.
I took them out of the oven and added 1 cup of pecans and 4 TBSP basalmic vinegar and tossed.

So, this one was weird, so I was anxious to hear what Ger had to say. He ate huge bites, and then said, "Mom, there's something about this one...... ( more big bites) wow, that's so good!"
And, it was. All we had with it was chicken breasts with brown mustard and smoked paprika. (350 degree oven for 40 minutes)

                                      Here's the green grape version - also quite delicious!

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  1. I got a nice surprise at the ribbon-cutting for CrossFit Countdown last night. Missy brought this recipe! She also said she had made it several times. That made my day. Lots of people ate Brussels sprouts for the very first time!