Baby Due in July!

It was a Wednesday night recently. Jack and I were at Rocco's, celebrating the birthday of Jenny, the woman who set Jack and I up on our blind date back in March. Her Monte, was there, too. I checked in on Facebook, and then got a text from Ger and Cassie, asking if we could drop by afterwards. (They live really close)

So, we got there, hugged all around, and then Cassie said she had something to give me. She handed me something she had made herself. I confess i had to read it twice for it to finally sink in!

So, They have some of the cutest pics on social media. In one, Mikko has one of these signs that says "Mom and Dad are getting me a human!" (I couldn't tell anyone until the photos announced it on social media - not easy!)

My heart is so full. I cannot wait to see the love they will feel for this child and all the adventures coming their way!
I'm going to be a Grammy!
I pray on the way to work most every morning, alone in my car, and usually aloud. This is a 20-25 minute drive. No radio. I cover all the family in prayer and now I have one more person to include.
Ger and Cassie, I love you so much and know this child could not be in better hands. Cassie's momma and dad - well, I would never be able to pick better grandparents for the other side than this blessed baby!