Fish Fillets with Almond Meal and Coconut Oil

Recipe Revisit from April 26, 2012

 I melted some coconut oil in a big skillet, just enough to cover the bottom, and turned on the burner to medium.

I rinsed my orange roughy fillets.
Next, I rolled my Orange Roughy fillets in almond flour and laid them in the hot skillet. 

I generously sprinkled them with smoked sea salt and lemon-pepper.
After a few minutes, I carefully turned them over and let them cook on the other side, adding more sea salt and lemon-pepper onto the other side.

      As a side, we had Paleo Shiitake Mushrooms, fresh little tomatoes, and Paleo Broccoli Salad. Yummy.

      Orange roughy is a great fish to eat if you don't like your fish very "fishy" because it won't make your kitchen smell fishy. It tastes so sweet!