Monday, October 6, 2014

Perfect Bar Fruit Bowl

While we were in Charlotte for the GRID quarterfinal and semifinal matches last week, we tried Perfect Bars. The Perfect Bar people had a table set up and were giving away samples at every match Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They were just the nicest people to talk to and their bars really are PERFECT!  

 So, the Perfect Bar guy said you could order them online at or you could get them at Whole Foods, etc.    Well, the closest Whole Foods is 99 miles away from my house so Marsha, Bill, Isaac, and I went to the Whole Foods in Charlotte while we were there to stock up. They are found in the refrigerated cases, not with other bars. I tried every flavor but one and love them all but Peanut Butter's my favorite.

While we were in the Whole Foods this lovely blonde gal came up and talked to us - she'd noticed our Perfect Bars AND she had the most lovely English accent ever. I'm going to tell you what she said and I want you to read this in your best English accent, like I'm doing while I type it, ok?

" So, you're new to these Perfect Bars?  Well, they really are perfect. You see, you've got to try them my favorite way. You take a bowl....and you fill it with lovely berries of all sorts..... and then you take aPerfect Bar, whatever kind you like, and break it up into chunks on the top. Then, you heat it up just a bit, and give it a stir. It makes this sort of lovely...pudding."

She was so right! I don't know who she was, but I wish I could tell her that I loved her idea.  The first photo is wild blueberries with a Peanut Butter Perfect Bar warmed and stirred.   This photo is before I warmed it.

I hope you check them out. I ALSO hope Ger and Cassie start carrying them at the box!!