5 Tips for a Successful Meal Prep Session

Sunday Meghan Elkins came over and did some meal prep with me. We decided to write about our get-together on our blogs and link up.
We messaged about what to cook. We picked a day and which house to work in.
Meghan showed up and we jumped right in with the meal prep plan.
She set up a Go Pro. For the record, I thought the Go Pro was filming maybe a two-foot square of JUST the food on the counter. Actually when you watch the vlog, it’s filming everything in my kitchen; my dog, my horizontal-striped shorts, my silly facial expressions, Meghan’s silly facial expressions!  Anyway, I was surprised when I watched the vlog. 
Here’s the vlog link:
Here’s the link to MegSeestheWorld's blog post:
Instand Friendships

Meghan said something that got me to thinking. She said she used to do a better job with meal prep but she just didn’t keep it going.  So, as we worked through the recipes and tips about great products I realized that others might be able to use this advice and get a new mindset about meal prep again. 

Make a plan.
Search some easy and delicious recipes from Feeding Ger Sasser and other favorite sites. Don’t overdo it. Stick with this, to start:
  1. a crock pot meal
  2. a skillet meal
  3. a vegetable side dish or two
  4. a breakfast or snack recipe

Don’t work alone.
 Invite a friend over and work together. You might laugh more but you can bring containers and split everything you cook. Meg was my first "Someone's In the Kitchen with Dinah" but she won't be my last!

Make a grocery list. 
Go through the recipes and see what you have and what you need. Really, go check and make sure you have those items in your kitchen. It's no fun when you don't have something you thought you had and you NEED it.

Find various containers and their lids.
Why do lids disappear? Does that happen to you? Do you have containers that don’t come back to your house? I do…. and sometimes they come back all at once… 

Relax and enjoy the process.

Remember, no one ever said, “I wish I hadn’t done that food prep.”  Relax and enjoy the process. Enjoy your friend and some great food. You will have more good food choices ready for the week than if you hadn’t done a meal prep session. 

Eat something.
Try the foods you've prepared. Have a taste-testing. I had Meg taste 3 different kinds of raw honey. She also smelled 4 different smoked sea salt varieties from salttraders.com