Stout Chicken in a Dutch Oven

Recipe Revisit from January 10, 2013

I won a Swiftwick shirt on FaceBook today.  They asked for pics of their socks bought from a retailer, along with the receipt in the pic. I was on it! I had 2 receipts from Christmas presents and knew right where they were and I had a pair on for a photo. If YOU don't know the joys of SwiftWick socks, you should check them out - they come in many sizes, they wick sweat, they do the compression thing - - - can you tell I am a big fan? (  But, hey, this post is supposed to be about a chicken.

I rubbed coconut oil in my beautiful dutch oven.
I diced 2 organic onions and threw them into the oven.
Next, I took the package out of the cavity of an antibiotic-free chicken. I placed the chicken on top of the onions in the center of the dutch oven. I put the liver in there, too, and saved the neck to make bone broth later.

Next, I added 2 packages of little crimini mushrooms all around the chicken.
I added rosemary, turmeric, smoked sea salt ( and freshly ground black pepper.
Then I poured some stout beer around the mushrooms. (I used about half of the stout beer - didn't want to go too non-paleo on Ger! lol! YOU may want to pour in the whole thing. I poured in 4 oz of water, too. (chicken stock or bone broth would work, too, but you won't need the extra liquid if you use the entire beer.)

The last thing I did was to put 3 tsp of KerryGold pasture butter on top of the chicken.

Chicken in a dutch oven made from one of our  chicken recipes.

I put the lid on the dutch oven and put it into a 450 degree oven for one hour. I turned the oven down to 350 and let it roast 30 more minutes. (I also remembered to take the top rack out of my oven first so that my dutch oven would fit...)

The dark beer gives such an interesting and deep flavor profile. We love this meal!  I used a Bourbon Barrel Stout from Bluegrass Brewing Co in Louisville. ( I picked it up at Whole Foods. You should use a favorite if your have one.

Other vegetables could go into the dutch oven, too. Be creative. Tell me how it goes.