Ger's Tilapia

Saturday, July 28, 2012

So, I know this blog I write is called  "Feeding Ger Sasser," but sometimes he does feed himself! He does it very well and this is one he is known for. Today he made a beautiful lunch. He flash-fried tilapia. This was tilapia from the grocer's case, not frozen....

He put macadamia nut oil in a big skillet and heated it up. 
He put the tilapia in the hot skillet and shook Turmeric, pepper,  and Salt Traders Cherry Wood Smoked Sea Salt on the fillets. 
He flipped them over when they were brown and then added the juice of one whole lemon on them. (that's where I shot the pic) 
I love when he cooks!

This is the finished meal. He had avocado, an orange sweet pepper, the tilapia, and a can of organic butternut squash. Yes, right out of the can - not heated up - but, hey, it works.

(We hardly ever have tilapia anymore since all the articles about it being a bottom-feeder fish that's not so clean. This quick recipe does work for many other fish choices though. Also, if you haven't tried macadamia nut oil, it's pretty special. I pick it up on Amazon.)