Prosciutto Wrapped Peaches Pear and Figs

I cut a ripe peach in half, took out the pit, and cut each half into three pieces.

I cut a ripe pear in half, scooped out the seeds with a spoon, and cut each half into thirds also.

I laid out 6 figs.

This Prosciutto Wrapped Peaches Pear and Figs  is part of our  Crossfit diet meal plan.

I opened a package of prosciutto and cut it into thirds, making long pieces. I used my kitchen scissors to go through all of it at once. The paper was still between the slices of prosciutto.

I covered a baking pan with foil and rubbed coconut oil on it.
I wrapped each piece of fruit with a piece of prosciutto, making sure that I took off the strips of paper separating the prosciutto slices.
I laid them on the baking pan.
I placed the pan under the broiler for 8 minutes.

I drizzled them with Cherry Balsamic Vinegar from The Flying Olive but any nice balsamic vinegar will work perfectly.