Pumpkin Bacon Patties

Recipe Revisit from Tuesday, March 12, 2013
I've been thinking about Ger's upcoming trip to St. Louis for Outlaw camp with the bearded Rudy!  Open 13.2, here he comes.

I've also been thinking about coming up with a side dish that I could always count on, even when I didn't have fresh vegetables in the house. This side dish fits that description and they were really good! We couldn't stop eating them until they were gone.

The first thing I did was cook 5-6 pieces of uncured bacon in a skillet. I laid it on paper towels and left the bacon grease in the skillet to fry the patties in.

I put the following ingredients into a bowl and stirred them up:
2   15 oz cans of pumpkin
2 eggs
4 pieces of uncured bacon, cooked and crumbled ( I know, I cooked 5.... I ate one!)
3 TBSP coconut flour (or 2 TBSP coconut flour and 1 TBSP arrowroot powder)
smoked sea salt (salttraders.com) and freshly ground pepper, to taste

Here are the ingredients before I stirred them up. (photo above) 
And, here they are after.  (photo below)  They looked like they were going to stick together pretty well in the pan. I scooped them out into my hands to make patties and put them in the medium hot skillet. 
After around 4 minutes, I turned them with a spatula very carefully. (a couple of them didn't flip well, but I just smooshed them back together) 
These were so good! How can you go wrong with pumpkin and bacon?

We had them with Llama Sloppy Joes  and roasted pineapple.

I made this recipe up in the spring but it's so perfect for fall, too, when pumpkin things are even more special. Enjoy.  We've also enjoyed the leftover Pumpkin Bacon Patties with over-medium eggs the next morning.