Paleo Sauced Turkey Burgers

Good morning and happy Saturday! Ger and Cassie are competing in the Valentine's Massacre today. (02/09/13)  They hit the road fueled up with good food, and took Cocoa Delight Bites (made with Progenex) and home-made pecan butter with them. I hope they enjoy a day of friendly competition, "barbells and sweat," and slamming snatch ladders!

This pic is a quick meal we enjoyed a few nights ago. This is two packages of Heartland ground turkey burgers. I placed them in a skillet with 1 heaping TBSP of coconut oil and sprinkled them with:

Salt Traders Cherry Woods Smoked Sea Salt
freshly ground black pepper
smoked paprika

While the turkey burgers were cooking, I opened a tiny can of all natural tomato paste ( read those ingredients and don't but the ones with added sugar!) and put it in a bowl with 1/4 cup chicken stock. I whisked it together and poured it on the turkey burgers and turned the skillet down to simmer. I flipped the burgers and let the coconut oil and turkey browned bits incorporate with the tomato and chicken stock, until thickened.

It was so easy, so fast, and so good.
I think next time I will serve this on a bed of onions cooked in coconut oil until soft.

Ger did the clean/hang clean ladder all the way through their set-up at 275 lbs with 42 air squats on the end. Cassie got 160 plus 32 air squats. Nice start, kids!

Ger did 30 burpee muscle-ups in 5 minutes in WOD 2.